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Let's Have A Toast To Our Top 6 Alcohol Related Stories!

Alcohol's affect on the body is fascinating to study. In fact, just the make up of alcohol is interesting. The A Moment of Science team went through the archive and found the top 6 AMOS alcohol-related stories. Enjoy!

I've Been Pulled Over... What Does A Breathalyzer Do?

How Do Breathalyzers Work? And What Do They Measure? If a police officer sees you driving in a reckless manner, chances are you'll be pulled over and asked to breathe into a special machine that measures your blood alcohol content. But how can your breath reflect how much alcohol is in your blood?

Where Are The Brandy Fans?

Brandy From Wine: How Alcohol Is Turned Into Brandy: Have you ever wondered how brandy and wine are different?

Can I Mix An Energy Drink With Alcohol?

Caffeine And Alcohol: Coffee has long been a touted hangover remedy. Nowadays many bar patrons mix caffeine with alcohol, like Red Bull or other energy drinks mixed with vodka. A can of Red Bull contains slightly less caffeine than a small cup of coffee.

Beer And Wine: Are They The Same Thing?

Wine And Beer: Different Types Of Alcohol, Same Basic Process. How are wine and beer similar? How are they different?

Whattttt Doesss Beer Doooo To Myyyyy Brain??????????

What Beer Does To Your Brain? Most everyone knows that alcohol impairs mental and physiological functions, but what actually goes on at the cellular level when you drink a beer?

When Wine Turns To Vinegar

Wine And Vinegar: Did you know that wine can turn to vinegar? Learn how to prevent this catastrophic event!

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