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Laser Gun

We're all familiar with the radar guns that police use to catch speeders. But now there's a new kind of "gun" for detecting speeding vehicles. It's called the Lidar 3000 and it's the latest in law enforcement laser technology.

Instead of reflected radio waves used by a regular radar gun, Lidar measures the time it takes for laser light to reach your car and reflect back. By taking thousands of measurements per second, Lidar can compare the change in distance to the car and determine the car's speed. But what makes Lidar truly special is its accuracy. This little gadget emits an intense, focused beam that can pick out a speeding car from the pack over 1000 feet away.

If the laser beam were to shine directly in someone's eyes, you'd be in some trouble. But the farther away the gun is, the wider the beam gets spread so that only a small fraction of the total light power can go into anyone's eye. Cops should keep some distance from the cars they're busting and not shoot head-on into approaching traffic.

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