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Lactose Not-So-Intolerant

cookie splashing in glass of milk

Just because you're lactose intolerant, doesn't mean you have to give up milk.

What you should do is stop consuming dairy on an empty stomach. On an empty stomach, dairy moves faster through your intestines and is more likely to cause you intolerance problems. Also, if you seldom consume dairy, the more likely you are to encounter problems.

Your so-called intolerant intestines actually have the bacteria they need to digest dairy, but you have to train them to do it, so to speak. So keep drinking milk, but in small doses and with meals. Drink say, half a cup of milk, three times a day with food. And regularly. The symptoms of lactose intolerance will not only be minimal, but within just a few weeks, you will probably stop suffering from lactose intolerance altogether.

As a rule, always consume dairy in moderation. And try yogurt. It contains bacteria that help you digest lactose more easily.

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