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Is Lip Balm Addictive?

Close-up of snarling lips

Ever feel like you're addicted to lip balm? Do you catch yourself repeatedly applying it to your lips within just a few minutes? True addictions involve serious withdrawal symptoms.

Drying Ingredients

If you quit using lip balm, however, chances are you would be uncomfortable for a little while, but you'd adapt and get over your lip balm fixation. After all, our lips, if left alone, and unlicked, can stay moist on their own.

However, the fact remains, many people feel addicted to lip balm. A lot of lip balms actually contain ingredients that are drying to lips. At the same time, these same ingredients are often what give lip balms that tingling sensation which makes us think they are doing good things for our lips.

Not For Every Day

So we find ourselves reapplying to get that tingle which in turn dries out our lips, making us think we need another fix. Also, flavored lip balms can encourage us to lick our lips, which also dries them out, making us reapply the lip balm.

To help prevent addictivness to lip balm, read labels and follow directions. Lip balm can be very helpful in replacing lost moisture in cold and windy weather. Medicated lip balms can help heal severely chapped lips. However, most lip balms are designed for limited use, not for every day. If you think you're using lip balm too much you might try to wean yourself off slowly.

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