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Ice Cream Is Not So Simple!

Ice Cream in a cup

Well, it's just that everything seems so complex nowadays. The internet, the stock market, thirty-screen movie cineplexes. Sometimes it gets to be too much. That's why it's important to step back every once in a while and appreciate the simpler things in life.

Simple Ice Cream

Milk, sugar, cream, maybe some strawberries. What could be simpler?

The most important ingredient in ice cream is milk fat. Milk fat is one of the most complex natural oils. It contains a mixture of fats composed of around 150 fatty acids. The blend of fats is what makes ice cream so rich and satisfying, not to mention a prime source of weight gain. There's even a Federal law that for a substance to be called ice cream its fat has to come from milk.

Chemical Compounds

Imagine being sent up the river for selling ice cream without milk fat.

Besides milk fat, most ice cream contains chemical compounds that bind water molecules to keep them from freezing, and chemical emulsifiers to help spread the fat throughout the ice cream. The chemicals prevent ice crystals from growing when ice cream begins to melt and is then refrozen. When crystals grow in ice cream, it tastes grainy.

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