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Slideshow: Can You Guess This Animal’s Scientific Name?

Animals can have some pretty funny and interesting scientific names. See how many you can name!

  • Rissoâ??s dolphin

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    Here is a Risso Dolphin. Can you guess the scientific name?

  • Risso's dolphin

    Image 2 of 12

    Scientific Name: Grampus griseus

  • carabid beetle

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    Here is a Carabid Beetle. Can you guess the scientific name?

  • carabid beetle

    Image 4 of 12

    Scientific Name: Agra sasquatch

  • salamander

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    This salamander doesn't have lungs. It breathes using gills. Can you guess it's scientific name?

  • salamander

    Image 6 of 12

    Scientific Name: Oedipus complex

  • hairless dog

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    Photo: ccho (Flickr)

    Can you guess this hairless dog's scientific name?

  • hairless dog

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    Photo: ccho (Flickr)

    Scientific Name: Xoloitzcuintli (pronounced "show-low-eats-quint-lee")

  • bird

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    Can you guess this bird's name?

  • sciname6

    Image 10 of 12

    Scientific Name: Dicrurus bracteatus AKA Spangled Drongo

  • sciname3

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    This Australian Wasp doesn't mess around. Can you guess the scientific name?

  • sciname3

    Image 12 of 12

    Scientific Name: Aha ha

The scientific name starts with the Genus the animal belongs to followed by the name of that particular species.

Don Glass

Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Don Glass has worked in public radio since 1966. From 1970 to 1990 he served as Program Manager for WFIU, becoming Special Projects Director and Senior Producer from 1990 to 2005. He has retired from fulltime employment at the University, but continues to host and produce A Moment of Science. He enjoys working with A Moment of Science and learning fascinating new facts.

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  • Lolbro

    It’s the wasp called Aha ha

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