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Geometrical Increases: A Job You Shouldn't Refuse

Let's work a math problem.

Suppose you get a new job that only last one month. You only get paid one penny on the first day. On the second day you'll get paid twice as much. That makes two pennies, or three cents altogether.

Again, on the third day you'll get paid twice what you've made the day before. That's four more cents. Every day, the pay will double the amount made the day before. At the end of one month you're out of a job. What do you say?

Do You Take The Offer?

Hopefully you said "yes".

When a number continually doubles itself we say it is "increasing geometrically." That means the larger the number becomes, the faster it rises with each additional day.

If you took the job, just on the last day you would've made over ten million dollars!

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