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Freedom at Sea

Ever wished life were more like a cruise ship? Well then, the Freedom, the world's first floating city, might be just for you.

Yes, you could be one of fifty thousand lucky residents who will sail around the globe in what will be the world's largest vessel, five times larger than any existing ship. And what will keep this massive city afloat? Simple: large airtight steel compartments that are linked together.

That's right, the Freedom will use the same basic technology as a raft. The Freedom's base, longer than two football fields, will function like a steel beam and be able to support buildings that are up to twenty-five stories tall. The Freedom will also be equipped with one hundred diesel engines, each generating thirty-seven hundred horsepower, and costing one million dollars each. Expensive? No problem. Condos on the Freedom will cost millions.

To the environmentally conscious, the project developers promise that while living on the Freedom you will generate eighty percent less waste than by living on land. Toilet waste will be burned in special three thousand dollar incinerator toilets--talk about a hot seat--and the ashes will be used in the flowerbeds. Waste oil will be used to generate electricity, and all glass, paper, and metal will be recycled.

So, if golfing and duty-free shopping in the middle of the ocean sound appealing to you, start saving your money. And remember, if you ever get lonely out at sea, you'll always be able to log onto the free Internet service that will be available to all of the Freedom's residents and find us at

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