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Fragrant And Toxic

You've probably smelled a fragrant candle before. It may seem like a nice and relaxing idea. However, if there's no ventilation for the candle, the fumes emitted are toxic.

Why Is It Toxic?

Most fragrant wax candles are made from paraffin, which is a by‑product of petroleum. According to one study, burning paraffin candles emits toxins--a little like burning gasoline indoors.

Stopping The Burn

Can a little scented candle be poisoning us?

No. Burning a paraffin candle once in a while is OK because it's only emitting a small amount of toxins. But it still pollutes the air. It's when you light a lot of candles all the time that you run into bigger problems that can make you sick. So if you're really into candles, it's better to use ones made from soy tflicor beeswax.

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