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Edible Flowers

Did you know Flowers are, in fact, edible?

Tulips, lilacs, pansies and roses are all edible, just to name a few.

Why should anyone eat flowers? Do they have any nutritional value or are they delicious?

Well, most people don't eat flowers in large enough quantities to get too much from them nutritionally, but yes, flowers do contain nutrients, some more than others. Rosehips, for instance, are loaded with Vitamin C. In general, pollen is full of protein and tastes bland. Nectar is composed of sugars and some trace minerals, so it's usually sweet.

Petals can be bitter, sweet, savory, hot, or bland, you name it. The taste varies from flower to flower, and some petals are good sources of nutrients. Yellow flowers, for example, contain a lot of Vitamin A.

Other flowers are poisonous. Also, if you show signs of an allergic reaction when you touch a particular flower, say, you develop a rash, then keep that kind of flower away from your plate! Use caution before you start serving up your flower garden for dinner.

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