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Preparing For Earth Day

On this beach in Norway, plastic pollution from there, as well as Russia, and Denmark were found by the photographer. (Bo Eide, Flickr)

The 2018 Earth Day Theme is getting rid of plastic pollution. On Earth Day, we'll be running a blog post specifically about plastic pollution in the oceans that has advocacy and conservation tips, as well as an expiation about what "The Great Pacific Garbage Patch" is.

If you want to read and think about pollution and climate change, a good way to start is by reading some of these posts by Indiana Public Media:


  • "Plastic in the Arctic" - Plastic waste from the eastern United States, the UK, and Europe is ending up in the Arctic Ocean.
  • "Disposable Food Plastics Choking Seas" - Takeout packaging and throwaway plastic utensils are piling up across the globe as conservation groups fight a mounting tide of plastics pollution.
  • "What Is The Great Pacific Garbage Patch?" - Fish have been eating plastic in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. This has scientists concerned about long term effects on the environment.

Different Kinds of Pollution


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