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Do Cats Eat Spiders?

One of our readers wrote in with this question: Do cats eat spiders?

Our answer? Yes, they do. And that's not all cats will eat. Cats, both domestic and wild, are obligatory carnivores, meaning that they don't have the chemical tools in their bodies to access nutrients from plants. They have to eat material from other animals to meet their nutritional needs.

Not On The Menu

But that doesn't mean your cat won't try to eat something non-animal. Cats will try to eat plants, and when they have difficulty digesting them they'll vomit them onto your carpet.

Some plants are in fact poisonous to cats and should be kept out of their reach. Kittens like to play with string and yarn, but if you don't watch them they may accidentally swallow some of it, which can lead to gastrointestinal obstruction and a need for surgery.

The Spider's Revenge

Also, many cats will eat insects and spiders. Typically this appetite won't cause them any harm, unless it's a poisonous spider they're batting around and dragging with their teeth. Cats do get bitten by poisonous spiders, and they suffer from the consequences of the toxins.

If you think your cat has been poisoned, whether by a spider, a plant, or a chemical like a household cleaning product, you should seek veterinary attention immediately. If that's not possible, call a poison hotline that specializes in cats and dogs. They can also advise you in the matter.

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