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Why Did the Deer Cross the Road?

November is the month for giving thanks, pumpkin pies and visiting loved ones. It is also the peak of deer mating season!

Love-Struck Buck

The increase in travel for families and for love-seeking bucks can mean an increased risk for nasty collisions.

During the mating season, bucks are focused on finding a mate. When it comes to avoiding traffic, they are likely to throw caution to the wind.

Impact Of Car-Deer Collision

According to wildlife researchers, car-deer collisions may be as high as 2 million every year.

These collisions have undoubtedly sorry results for the deer, but can cause a lot of damage to humans too. These damages include a fortune in car repairs and medical bills, as well as occasional injury and hundreds of deaths per year.

Many deer populations, such as the white-tailed deer, are on the rise. There is an estimated 30 million white-tailed deer nationwide. The increase in population, along with their increased adaptation to suburban environments, mean that the risk for collision is even higher.

So drive safely this holiday season. And remember, if you break for a doe, stop and look around. There may be a buck right on her tail!

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