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Why Is Fiber Good For You?

Grapes are a great source of fiber. (John Kacanagh, Flickr)

We've all heard how important fiber is in our diet, but what's so great about fiber?

Well, fiber is good in all sorts of ways. First, it's important to understand that fiber isn't really a food or even a particular substance. It's an indigestible carbohydrate found in most plants.

If fiber is indigestible, how can it be nutritious?

A Softening Agent

That's the thing. Fiber isn't good for you because it provides nutrients, but it does help clean out your digestive system.

When you eat stuff that has a lot of fiber it hangs around in your stomach for a while and then gets passed down into your intestines with other food. Because fiber soaks up water it softens the stool, which makes it easier to eliminate.

Feeling Full

Plus, it takes up stomach space and makes you feel full without adding any calories. If you're on a diet, eating high-fiber foods like apples, grapes, seeds, whole wheat products, and beans is a good way to avoid feeling hungry.

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