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Create Spooky Decorations... With Science!

Mad scientist meets Martha Stewart! If you are looking for spooky ways to decorate your haunted mansion, while having a little bit of science fun, you are in luck. A Moment of Science is here to help you get your creative juices flowing!

Spine-Chilling Tricks

Green Fire Effect: Time to dust off those chemistry skills! First you will need a fire-safe bowl which can be made with aluminum foil. Then you will need the two main ingredients, boric acid (found at your grocery store) and methanol (found in the automotive section). First sprinkle some boric powder in the bowl and then add a small amount of methanol. Place the bowl inside of a carved-out pumpkin. Use a long lighter to ignite the mixture. Be careful to avoid the vapors from the flame. This emerald flame will make your pumpkin the scariest on the block.

Ghastly Glow: First you need to find some stencil patterns (which you can print on regular paper) that you will want your final product to look like. It can be a skeleton, witch, cat, ghost, anything you like! Next, soak a paper towel in liquid laundry detergent. While this is soaking, tape your stencils to a window or wall where you want to display them. Now take your paper towel and carefully apply the detergent to your stencil pattern. Make sure the whole thing gets covered and then let the stencils dry. Now for the fun part... Turn on a black light and see these glowing ghouls come to life!

Snot What You Think: Here's how to make home-made snot that will gross out even your grossest friends. Mix 1/8 cup of borax in 2 cups of water. In a separate bowl, mix 2 spoonfuls of glue with 3 spoonfuls of water. Next, add one spoonful of the borax mixture to your glue mixture. Add some food coloring for a nasty and necessary touch.

Chilling Cocktails: Put a Halloween twist on your favorite beverages! Instead of making ice cubes with regular water, substitute tonic water. Be sure to have a black light during cocktail hour and your guests will be shocked by the eerie effect. Not only will the ice cubes glow, but as they melt, the whole drink will too!

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