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What Should You Do With Your Old Christmas Tree?

Christmas tree on the curb

Christmas is a time of celebration and fun. Each year, millions of people buy Christmas trees to decorate their houses. However, once the holiday ends these Christmas trees usually end up in the trash. A Moment of Science investigated some alternatives to curbing your old Christmas Tree.

Swimming With The Fishes

Did you know that each year, the Army Corps of Engineers collects old Christmas trees, ties them to cinder blocks and drops them into lakes.

These piles of trees are put near fish nurseries, not in the deep part of the lake. The piles of trees provide a place for small, juvenile fish to hide from larger fish.

They also attract water insects for the small fish to eat. This increases the diversity of fish in the lake.

What else can you do with Christmas trees?

You can bury them in the sand. Some beaches have serious erosion problems. Sand gets blown off the beach and onto nearby roads by winds.

Rows of Christmas trees can be staked on the beach next to a fence. The trees and fence collect sand being blown off the beach, causing sand dunes to form on top of the trees.

The dunes provide habitat for dune grass, insects, and birds, and the trees keep the dunes from eroding away or blowing onto nearby roads.

So, instead of throwing out your Christmas tree, consider recycling it!

For more places to recycle your tree check out the National Christmas Tree Association's Tree Recycling Page

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