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Bruxism. Is this a disease, religion, political ideology? It's actually the gnashing, grinding, and clenching of the teeth. It's a common problem, but a lot of people don't know they do it because they do it in their sleep. People suffering from Bruxism may wake up with headaches and sore teeth.

If you are grinding your teeth you could be wearing the enamel down, as well as causing damage to your jaw. When we're asleep, we're capable of grinding our teeth six times as hard as we might in the day. That kind of pressure can do a lot of damage.

See a dentist if you think you might have Bruxism. They might fit your teeth for a plastic mouth guard that will protect your teeth when you grind. Other options range from relaxation exercises to reconstruction of the surfaces of your teeth. Though only a theory, doctors also believe that stress, sleep disorders, an abnormal bite, and crooked or missing teeth might cause bruxism as well.

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