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What Is The Biggest Spider?

a spider in the trees weaving a web

Time once again for the A Moment of Science "Big and Bad File", where we answer your questions about anything that sets a record, like farthest planet or meanest predator. Kids especially like this stuff. The Big and Bad file, please!

I have an insect question. What's the biggest spider ever? Signed, Peter Parker.

Well, Ben, that's a good question. But first let us say that a spider isn't an insect. It's a different kind of critter known as an arachnid. But as for your question. What do you think?

That's A Big Spider!

The largest kind of tarantula is the South American Goliath Bird Eating Spider.

The tree dwelling Goliath is so large, that it dines not only on insects but small animals. Goliaths live in the rain forests, and the record setter was measured at eleven inches long.

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