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Apple Juice: Cloudy or Clear

What kind of apple juice would you like better, cloudy or clear?

The clear juice certainly looks more refreshing, but the cloudy juice is actually better for you.

According to a study done in Poland, cloudy apple juice has more antioxidants, or chemicals that help control free radical molecules that can damage cells and cause disease, than the clear stuff. When clear apple juice is produced, an enzyme is introduced that essentially strips the juice of its natural antioxidants.

Cloudy juice doesn't use this enzyme, so it packs a better antioxidant punch. Cloudy apple juice appears as such, because of apple solids present in the liquid. This solid material is composed of small apple particles that are strained out in clear juice. It's these solids that contain the antioxidants.

You could switch to cloudy apple juice from now on, or you could eat more actual apples with the skin. To really get the full benefit of an apple's antioxidants and other healthy components like fiber and minerals, eating real apples, and not just drinking their juice, is the way to go.

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