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A Tale Of The Supernatural

zombie on a zombie walk

Here's one for kids and other fans of the grotesque. Have you ever heard that after people die, their fingernails, hair and teeth continue to grow? Today's program explores the truth behind this supernatural tale.

Dying Cells

Before we die, it's important to know that individual body cells can die at different times.

Cells in our blood, skin, or gut lining die all the time and are constantly replaced. But when the body's vital organs fail, and blood no longer carries the oxygen and nutrients necessary for life, all of the body's cells will soon die of starvation and lack of oxygenthough not exactly at the same time.

Continuing To Grow

Some cells might receive blood for a few minutes after circulation while others have stopped. Or certain cells may be able to survive the lack of oxygen slightly longer than others. But these last cells don't live more than a few minutesdefinitely not long enough to grow.

Physiologically, the hair, nails and teeth don't grow at all after death. Still, it's easy to see where this rather gruesome idea came from. After death, the body begins to dry out as water evaporates from the skin. The skin of a corpse shrinks as a result, and the hair, nails and teeth may appear to lengthen as the skin draws back. Drying and shrinking may sound a bit creepy, but they're normal, natural processesunlike the wild, unearthly rumors of hair, nails or teeth growing after death.

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