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A Static Fly Trap

Flies have their place in the natural order of things, but they sure can be pests to various creatures, including us humans. Luckily, scientists are working on yet a new way to get rid of pesky flies; this method involves static electricity.

Flies, like any other creature, accumulate static charges as they walk or fly. Scientists have now measured the amount of charge flies accumulate as they travel across various types of surfaces; though the electricity involved is minuscule, it may be enough to design a new kind of fly trap.

The trap scientists are working on uses pheromones to draw flies to surfaces that are dusted with insect-killing fungal spores. The hope is that as the fly walks across the surface, its little body charges up, allowing poisonous spores to stick to its body like metal shavings to a magnet. If this happens, then soon enough, the fly will walk no more.

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