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7 Gifts for the Nerd in Your Life

What's making our favorite nerds' wish lists this holiday season? A Moment of Science is here to help you brainstorm.

The (Nerdiest) Wish List:

  1. Star Wars AT-AT Not a nerd? Well, you may have no clue what this is. An AT-AT is an All Terrain Armed Transport (duh!). For Star Wars geeks, this beats a puppy any day. Price: $100.
  2. Back to the Future Trilogy (Blue-ray) Help your nerd celebrate the 25th anniversary of this favorite trilogy (in Blue-ray baby!). Price: $48.
  3. Tron Lightsuit This is just so nerdy, that it may even be cool. This replica of the Tron: Legacy motorcycle suit is a splurge, but who can put a price on looking this good? Price: $1000.
  4. Rusty Headphone Hoodies Keep your friends warm and "wired" this winter with this line of coats and hoodies, complete with hidden MP3 pockets and headphone trick sleeves. Perfect for the under-cover nerd. Price: $50-135.
  5. The Utilikilt The name says it all. This kilt (not skirt) is equipped with all the convenient pockets of cargo pants. Who says you need to wear pants when you build that kitchen island? To minimize nerdiness, we recommend this item for indoor projects only. Price: $215.
  6. Back to the Future Marty McFly Hat No one appreciates sci-fi movie props like your nerds, especially color-changing ones that you can wear on your head! Price: $21.
  7. Clone Wars General Grievous Spinning Electronic Lightsabar This one hardly needs an explanation. You are bound to hit the jackpot with this unbeatable buy. Know multiple nerds? What could be more fun than an epic lightsabar battle? Price: $35.

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