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10 Things You Didn't Know About Your Kids!

They're loud, they're hungry, and they're your kids. A Moment of Science went through our archives and found the best articles about kids.

1. Why Does My Child Have An Imaginary Friend?

Approximately thirty percent of American children between the ages of three and six develop an imaginary companion. This childhood behavior is quite common, but how healthy is it? Read More: The Psychology Of Imaginary Friends

2. Is It Safe For My Child To Lift Weights?

You want your child to be physically active, but is weight lifting safe for kids? Read More: Kids and Weight Lifting

3. Promising Candy For Good Behavior Is A Bad Idea... Why?

Say you're out somewhere with your child, and he's having a meltdown. Crying, screaming, kicking–you name it. Desperate, you spot a vending machine and promise the little troublemaker a treat if he'll settle down. A chocolate bar or two later, your child is now appeased. What's so wrong with this? Read More: Put Down The Food! It Is Not A Good Way To Calm A Temper Tantrum!

4. Your Child's Personality May Have Been Set In 1st Grade.

It may be hard to believe but a new study says that our personalities stay relatively constant from childhood. Read More: Your Personality May Be Set By 1st Grade

5. How Much TV Is Too Much?

TV has some pretty unflattering nicknames: boob tube, idiot box, baby-sitter. Perhaps this is because we sometimes take our TV watching to an unhealthy level. Common sense tells us that too much TV isn't good for anybody. But how much is too much? What about for kids? Read More: TV: How Much Is Too Much For Kids?

6. Could Seeing An R-Rated Movie Encourage My Child To Smoke?

There's a study out claiming that kids who are allowed to watch R-rated movies are more likely to think that it's easy to get cigarettes. Other research has shown that kids who believe that scoring cigarettes is no problem are more likely to smoke. Read More: R-rated Movies And Smoking

7. My Child Is Star-Struck. Is That Bad?

Psychologists say kids are becoming celebrity obsessed at increasingly younger ages. Unfortunately, it's difficult to reverse the behavior of obsessing about celebrities once it has begun. Read More: Celebrity-obsessed Kids

8. Being Homesick Can Make People Sick.

Did you know that for some kids, and even young adults going away to college, homesickness can be a debilitating problem? Read More: Feeling Sick, Away From Home

9. Have Your Child Play A Musical Instrument. It May Improve Brain Function!

Anyone who took piano or violin lessons as a kid knows that learning an instrument can be difficult. But there are good reasons for sticking with music lessons. According to several studies, learning to play an instrument improves how the brain works. Read More: Practice Your Scales, Musical Instruments Improve Brain Function

10. My Child Won't Listen To Me! Is This Normal?

It seems apparent that we all go through a defiant stage as a child, but is it healthy? Read More: Defiant Kids

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