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10 Awesome Things To Know About Your Pet

Our pets are part of our family but sometimes their behavior might baffle us. A Moment of Science answers 10 questions their strange, interesting, and funny behavior.

1. Why Do Dogs Turn In Circles Before They Lie Down?

Almost all domestic and wild dogs show this behavior as they prepare to curl up and lie down, but there have been almost no experiments to find out why. Listen to "Why Dogs Turn In Circles Before Lying Down"

2. How Come Animals Have Lighter Fur On Their Bellies?

Animals have mastered blending in with their surroundings. Yet, why do some animals have lighter fur on their bellies than on their backs? Listen to "Why Do Animals Have Lighter Fur On Their Bellies?"

3. Why Do Snakes Have Forked Tongues?

Why do snakes have forked tongues? And why do they flick them? Is it because snakes are naturally deceitful, ready to whisper lies into passing ears? Listen to "Why Do Snakes Have Forked Tongues?"

4. Why Does My Cat Purr?

When a cat is happy they will purr. A Moment of Science examines the theories and causes of purring. Listen to "How And Why A Cat Purrs"

5. Why Do Dogs Seem To Gulp Down Food?

If you‘ve ever watched a dog eat you‘ve probably marveled at how quickly it gulps down its food.  You might even wonder why, no matter how hungry a dog is, it will often eat as much food as you put in front of it. Listen to "How Dogs Eat"

6. How Old Is My Dog?

There is a popular myth that says you can multiply a dog's age by seven to find their "real age." Find out what is wrong with this method. Listen to "How To Calculate Your Dog‘s Age (Don‘t Just Multiply By 7!)"

7. Why My Pet Acts Like A Pet?

Have you ever played with a dog or cat and wondered why they are so tame? How did our ancient ancestors take wild, and potentially dangerous, carnivores and turn them into "man‘s best friend"? Listen to "Dmitry Belyaev, Dogs, Cats, Foxes, And Domestication"

8. Does My Bird Know Me?

How dumb, or smart, are birds? The answer just may surprise you. Listen to "Do Birds Recognize Humans?"

9. Do Fish React To Water Temperature?

Sometimes we feel angry and upset in hot weather. Did you know that fish act differently when their water is hotter or cooler? Listen to "Fish Personalities: Why Water Temperature Matters"

10. Why Being A Pet Owner Is Good For You!

An apple a day might keep the doctor away, but a pet is much more fun. And research is mounting in support of the idea that pets are good for your health. Listen to "Owning A Pet Is Beneficial To Your Health"

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