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Metz Board Room, DeVault Alumni Center

In attendance:

Community Advisory Board Members:

Joan Curts, Tim Decker, Mark Edwards, Sally Gaskill, Gary Hallum, Mike Hefron, Cullen McCarty, Martha Nice, Lynn Schwartzberg

Staff Members:

Mary Ducette, Nancy Krueger, Brent Molnar, Marianne Woodruff, Laura Baich


Members discussed the newest documentary from the News department, “Finding the Fix”. We viewed a preview of the program and discussed the upcoming screening event. All members were invited and encouraged to share the screening invite information with interested parties in their communities. We also discussed the creation of an accompanying “viewing guide” for the doc.

Introduction of our new Marketing Director, Laura Baich.

The main focus of this meeting was to clarify the mission statement and guidelines of our CAB and appoint a chair, vice chair and secretary. CPB requires all stations, except University Licensees, to have a CAB. Since we have chosen to maintain a CAB, we need to make sure we are compliant.

Mission statement and goals were reviewed and refined.

Term limits were discussed and the majority agreed they should be implemented.


Vice Chair-Martha Nice

Secretary- Lynn Schwartzberg

Nominating Committee-Joan Curts, Mike Hefron, Tim Decker and Mark Edwards

2016 Meeting Schedule:

March 3, 2016

June 2, 2016

September 1, 2016

December 1, 2016