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WFIU Community Advisory Board Meeting

The Virgil T. DeVault Alumni Center, Rich/Jones Board Room

October 2, 2017 at 4:00 p.m.

Notes Prepared by Shayne Laughter

Attending: Miah Michaelsen, Laura Ginger, Mary Hall, Lynn Schwartzberg, Alain Barker, Charlotte Zietlow, Pam Davidson, Sara Peterson, Janet Stavropoulos, Matt Pierce, Catherine Hageman Winkler, Lewis Ricci, Lacy Hawkins, John Clark. Staff: Eva Zogorski, John Bailey, Shayne Laughter, Nancy Krueger.

Absent: Daren Redman, Carolyn Calloway-Thomas, Brent Molnar, Perry Metz.

Miah Michaelsen called the meeting to order, 4:05 pm.


  1. Welcome & Introductions – Miah

    1. Approval July Minutes

Alain Barker moved to approve; Matt Pierce seconded. Unanimous vote to approve.

  1. Nominations Committee

Pam D addressed the Committee’s action items:

  1. Board leadership

No one in CAB leadership positions has had consistent terms. So current terms have been accumulated.

The Committee has nominated Sara Peterson for Chair, Lynn Schwartzberg for Vice Chair, and Lacey Hawkins for Secretary. Will ask for a vote at the end of this update.

b.  Update on recruits

The Committee has recruited new people: Miah M already has their background info.

Abby Perfetti Henkel - used to be with Visit Bloomington, now works for Sycamore Land Trust.

Ashley Hosseini - teaches at SPEA, and is a singer.

Quincy Robinson - recent IU graduate, and bike shop owner in Nashville.

Miah M thanks Daren R, Pam D & Charlotte Z for working on the committee.

John B will vet the new CAB members with individual conversations. Lewis R asks re: Leadership positions – two people have been re-appointed, taking officer terms at end of calendar year, so what is the procedure to vote for someone to be Chair, if they have not been re-appointed?

Sara P’s term will be just 2018.

Pam D asks whether CAB needs a motion to accept officer terms and to elect officers. Miah M says, last time this was done by motion. Charlotte Z moves to accept the terms. Janet S seconds. Unanimous “Aye.” Leadership Officer terms are accepted.

John C moves to accept the nominated officers.  Catherine W seconds. Unanimous “Aye.” Nominated Officers are accepted.

Lynn Schwartzberg moves to accept the three new CAB Members, Sara P seconds. Unanimous “Aye.” New members are accepted.

  1. Report from the Chair – Miah

    a.  CAB challenge

Past CAB Challenges for Fund Drive have been $4,000. Do we all want to do the challenge this time? Unanimous agreement, yes. Miah M will have Nancy K & Eva Z send out an email asking how much you want to give.

Alain wants to know how much he gave last year.

Miah praises station staff for the Steve Inskeep event. Applause.

  1. Event plans – John Bailey


John B seeks any further thoughts on the Inskeep event, responses to its various facets. Janet S praises it for being seamless! The luncheon at the Andersons’ house was delightful. It was good to hear him talk about these times & current matters. John C went to the BCT event, and thought it was fantastic, says John B did a great job with the sit-down interview. Steve Inskeep was impressive, informed & graceful. Pam D remarks that it was very generous of him to take every Question, including those from kids & the balcony. Laura G adds that the parking at the Monroe County History Center was a stroke of genius. Eva Z arranged that reserved parking.


John B says WFIU would like to do something like the Inskeep event every year; please suggest names! These events could be staged in other listening communities like Columbus and Terre Haute.

Janet S – Nina Totenberg. John C – the new congressional correspondent for NPR. John B notes that he is exploring possibilities for visits by Chris Thile (A Prairie Home Companion) and Fred Child (Performance Today).

Miah M – Joshua Johnson. John C – Diane Rehm. Pam D – Judy Woodruff. Lynn S – The host(s) of Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me. John B – WWDTM wants to visit bigger markets. Charlotte Z – Brooke Gladstone, Scott Horsley. Other names tossed around:  David Greene, Ira Glass.  Serial people came to town and WFIU was not included in the event. Moth Radio Hour storytelling show was here at the Theater Department a few years ago. Alain B – Scott Simon. Pam D – Terry Gross was here a while ago.

John B – Says You! wants to come back in couple of years – what would be a big enough venue? And could we do something in Columbus or Terre Haute? Perhaps have one show in Bloomington and one in another town? Events would be once a year, maybe rotate them through venues and towns. Lynn S – Kelly McEvers is a nutty but engaging speaker.

John B - Don Gonyea has a brother in the area, and might be more easily persuaded to visit.


Coming October 12, in a week & a half. Theme is “A Celebration of Science.”

A Moment of Science, Earth Eats, Hidden Brain, and some other pub broadcasting programs are represented. Two NOVA producers – Paula Apsell & Doug Hamilton – will visit, give a presentation and do a public presentation out in the community.

Station tours will be given from 6-7 pm. At 7 pm there will be presentations.

A panel presentation on politics and climate change, with the NOVA producers and others from IU, will be at Whittenberger Auditorium on Wednesday, October 11, at 6 pm.

The Open House happens in the midst of Fund Drive preparations. Adjustments will be made.


  1. Manager’s Report – John Bailey


  1. Fall fund drive preview

This Fund Drive’s Giveaway drawing is a Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me prize package: tickets to the Show in Indianapolis, plus Hotel and Dinner. All who pledge, from preview throughout drive, will be entered in the giveaway.

Fund Drive runs from the 16th – 23rd, 8 days, seeking 800 pledges. The goal is $144k. We will seek the most pledges on the last day & on Pet Tuesday. Pet Tuesday will tie in to the Monroe County Humane Association. They’re bringing in a corporate partner who will pledge one pound of food to the shelter, for every pledge to WFIU.

Web giving will get first mention, to drive web donations. Fund Drive is becoming more & more about new gifts, renewals, and bumping up current gifts. New Sustainers’ gifts are counted towards the $144k goal. We have recorded 20 new testimonials.

  1. Federal funding update

John C – is there anything to be gained by mentioning federal funding challenges during Fund Drive? JB – couple months ago, Congress passed full funding for the government through December, as a Continuing Resolution. So CPB funding remains in place. Stations’ Advocacy has helped. There is no immediate need to renew that effort, but might pop up in the coming weeks. Federal funding for public broadcasting will be a talking point but not aimed at fearmongering.

  1. Spring ratings

John B sent a note to CAB some weeks ago about the Spring ratings. Ratings are not a huge deal in Public Radio, but a good measure of audience service. Cume audience in Spring 2017 was 52,400, 8% larger than post-9/11 audience, which was next-largest.

Credit this to good news programs, but also good music to escape the news. Having a 2nd signal has proven to be a good thing.

WFIU’s total audience is now 1.5 times bigger than the average of the last 5 ratings periods or “books.”

Online Streaming is not included in the measurement. We have some streaming numbers. Peak streaming audience is in the low hundreds. So, 90 % of WFIU’s interactions with listeners are through radio.

The WFIU streaming service is iTunes – Spotify & Pandora do not have a public radio outlet.

Alain B asks for a comparison between WFIU and WFHB audiences. John B replies that WFHB’s audience is about 25 to 30% that of WFIU’s. WFHB numbers depend mostly on Democracy Now. Charlotte Z adds that WFHB is also very close to Lotus, programming tightly around those musicians and events.

  1. New hosts

Kayte Young is the new Earth Eats host. She comes from an interesting, diverse career, from architecture to nutrition education at Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard. She had done radio at Rice University in grad school, in Houston.

Aaron Cain is the new daily presence with Morning Edition, and the Host & producer of Profiles. From Classical music and public radio bona fides in Iowa Public Radio. Alain B knows that Aaron is “a great singer,” who directed a chamber music series in Portland. He is on the Board of BLEMF. His wife is a new faculty member at JSOM.

The two jobs were advertised in 100+ outlets that reach female & minority jobseekers, as well as through the NPR job board & Current.

John B reports Sylvia McNair is still thinking through a show proposal, how she wants to contribute.


We hope it works out. There’s really no replacing Car Talk. But it is accessible, enjoyable information.

Vietnam War series – John B reports everyone he’s talked to needs time away from it, to absorb. Very, very intense.

Pam D thanks Miah M for such excellent leadership of the CAB.

  1. Next Steps & Other Business

    1. Next meeting: Monday, January 8, 2018.

  1. Adjourn

4:55 pm