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CAB Meeting

September 14, 2009

Attending: Christina Kuzmych, Lewis Ricci, Janis Starcs, Nancy Krueger, Charlotte Zietlow, Mike McGregor, Laura Ginger, Marty Donelley, Becky Cape, Carolyn Calloway-Thomas Lynn Schwartzberg

Absent: David Bowden, Jane Clay, Pam Davidson, Jefferson Shreve, Judy Witt, Leonard Newman, Nan McEntire, Peter Jacobi, Gwyn Richards, Walt Niekamp

Janis called the meeting to order. Approved the minutes with one correction.


• September - Savannah Music Program is continuing

• Adding a one-time program on U.S. unemployment

• Afghanistan reports by Doug Wissing, generated quite a bit of response, some IPBS stations are carrying the programs. Looking at a second embed. Concerned about the Pentagon putting reporters through the ringer as to what they report on. Don't know how this is going to affect the National Guard.

• Working on a possible trip to Poland to visit Holocaust camps. Would be a collaboration with C.A.N.D.L.E.S. and Eva Corr in Terre Haute. We hope to send Stan with them to report, would reflect from his own standpoint too, as he's of Polish descent. Would share content with other stations.

• JS: It's a delicate subject. Would be interesting to see what he gets.

• Working on several specials for syndication: Thanksgiving food, Latin Christmas, Menahem Pressler project, Harmonia Christmas


• Response to mini-drive was very strong. Quite a few people were interested to hear that a Governor can withhold a payment.


• Had a good trip to French Lick with local songwriters. There were 100 guests. For the first time doing it with a pricy ticket, it went well. A lot of people took advantage of the bus transportation there. Made about $4,000.

• Did many people stay overnight? Some did. There was an issue because the Trustees' retreat was there the same weekend. President McRobbie stopped in, next time they'd like to work with us on it if the weekend overlaps.

• Jazz in July hosted by Joe and David Brent was very successful, as usual.

• Janis: The IU Art Museum could do well to have more music events there.

• Capture names of who comes to these events (IU Art Museum does). We should ask if they'd share it.

New Trends


• We took TV under our wings, using our staff to help them with their projects. Made the most sense in this economy

• Our side of the site is almost complete. Will be working on WTIU website next.

• In Focus is built out.

• Working on a new Giving site for both stations. Will replace the old one which is heavy-handed on the questions.

• Can give directly from program sites, such as Harmonia. Not sure if they'll do that with TV program pages.

• The new AMOS site is complete, take a look at the videos which were made possible by a grant from the Brabson Foundation. Looking for a new audience with AMOS, based on the radio spots. Funny, fast-moving, etc. Very nicely produced for what they are (online). Not to use for TV yet, but maybe in the future. Hoping to get additional funding. Additional grant was $30,000. Writers are the same as the radio series, freelance staff managed by Don Glass.

• New Harmonia site is also up.

• Janis: Looks good!

• Lots of opportunities for interactivity - Giving, Twitter, Facebook.

• This Wednesday, we were invited to do a presentation at a national conference in Cleveland (Public Radio Program Directors conference). Will present the new products we're working on. They want to see what our plans are for syndication, getting money out of them, etc.

• You will notice ads on the site. How these ads do depends on traffic, so that's why we're sending people to the website. We report click activity back to them, track visit activity. AMOS has shown a huge jump since the redesign.

• Trying to catch the audience coming in to public broadcasting through online. We're doing better than TV with this, because the COVE PBS player isn't out yet.

• People are moving to on-demand services now, instead of date and time listening and watching. Especially the younger generation. It’s all about demand.

• Janis: Still enjoy listening to Performance Today, etc on the air.

• Corey Cerovsek came here and was talking about listening to our programs... but he was listening online!

• We've always been measured by Arbitron through diaries in the Indianapolis market. We now have the option to move to the People Meter. You get a little box and wear it, and they pick up everything you're watching and listening to.

• LR: Are the sample sizes any better? CK: Nope.

• Diaries weren't as reliable. People lie, and they get confused as to what station they are listening to.

• We spent $1,000 a year for our very basic Arbitron numbers.

• New system sounds more reliable. But Christina hasn't looked closely enough yet to see if we should move to the People Meter in the Indianapolis market, or stay with the diaries in the out-of-Indianapolis market.

• Lewis: Can we compare how stations are doing online? We'll ask Kinsey Wilson, the new tech guru at NPR. Would be helpful because it would look at a global market.

• Can you map a radio-listening audience as they move to online? Maybe, if they have the technology encoded.

• We have very accurate numbers on our NPR podcasts.

• Looking at the behavioral stuff they give us, they can tell us what stations people are listening to.

• CK: Every station should consider Arbitron numbers, but also the listener base.

• CZ: If I look for a program you air through the NPR site, does that count for your click-throughs? No.

• Vivian Schiller is visiting, will be talking about this.

• We're having problems with some of our programs. We signed a draconian contract with Sound Exchange. Makes it a real problem when you're doing specials, because you can't have themed programs. We're looking for loopholes. Recordings made pre-1971 don't apply. It hurts the artists. We can't pre-print any selections we're playing in Directions in Sound or online.

• Once you put something online, you've digitized it.

Public Media

• One item that's coming to us is the idea of Public Media.

• Particular concern about the idea of public broadcasting and public media that people are entering into the idea or public media. You could start a low power community station. Anyone can do it. This is confusing to legislators. Lines are getting blurred. The House and the Senate have never really understood what public broadcasting is.

• This has become such a hot topic with CPB and NPR that they're setting aside to the a session at PRIMA to talk about the strategy of public broadcasting. Some of these organizations may be good partners. Others aren't.

• We're working on special gifts for fund drive - Celtic Women, Rain tickets during Gass show.

• Applied for a $700,000 grant for a Local Journalism Center grant, covering education in Indiana. Would be us and citizen journalists.

Fund Drive

• Nov. 6. - Nov. 18

• Need to set a number. $330K or $350. Luckily, the economy is a little less terrifying this year.

• We’ll do shifts Monday, November 9th. 3:30pm - 5pm. Joe will be celebrating his 25th anniversary of Just You and Me.

• Then January 11th for the next meeting.

Motion to adjourn. Adjourned.