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Indiana's Wild Landscape

Indiana’s Wild Landscape uses striking aerial drone footage and time-lapse techniques not available just a few years ago to give audiences a look at Indiana as it has never been seen before. For a limited time, watch the full program below:

A few hundred years ago, old growth forests, tall grass prairies, and one of the largest wetlands in the country covered Indiana. By the 21st century, though, Indiana was one of the most developed of the United States. Nearly all the forests have been cut down at least once, the wetlands largely drained, and the landscape now one of agriculture, small towns, and large cities.

But the wild landscape of centuries past persists all over the state. Ancient woodlands with trees that stretch more than a hundred feet into the sky still exist. Thousands of acres of wilderness forests can be found in the south, while in the north a landscape seemingly more suited to the Atlantic Ocean covers the Indiana Dunes. Along the Ohio River cypress swamps can be found, looking more like the Gulf Coast than the Midwest. Nearby, an underground wilderness is perhaps the least known area of the state, with cavernous rooms, blind cave creatures, flowing rivers, and rock formations millions of years in the making.

From hidden waterfalls and glacially carved gorges, through the canopy of an ancient forest, to one of the largest prairie restoration projects in the country, Indiana is still a wild place.


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