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With your membership contribution of $180, you can “dedicate” a day of programming on WFIU. It’s a unique way to honor a special person, date or event in your life. Pick a date and we’ll air your special announcement 7 times throughout the day. It’s that easy!

Day of Dedication Wording Guidelines

To ensure a message that will be appropriate to air, please consider the following:

  • The Day of Dedication on-air message should commemorate a personal event, special occasion or achievement of an individual or not-for-profit group.
  • Messages must be 15 words or less.
  • Messages may not include contact information of any kind.No addresses, emails, phone numbers, or web addresses.
  •  Political, religious, advocacy or controversial messages cannot be accepted.

Sample Day of Dedication messages:

In honor of the wedding anniversary of John and Jane Doe
In memory of Jane Doe on her birthday

In celebration of the birthday of John Doe

In celebration of the xxxx anniversary of (insert not-for-profit group)

In recognition of Jane Doe for her thirty years of service to WFIU Radio

Day of Dedication FAQ’s

What is the giving level required for a day sponsor?
A minimum contribution of $180 is required for a Day of Dedication.

How many announcements do I get, and when will they be aired?
The message will be announced seven times during the broadcast day. We will follow a predetermined schedule for announcements, unless prohibited by technical difficulties or a special broadcast. On weekdays, it will air as close as possible to 6 a.m.7:30 a.m.10 a.m.Noon2 p.m.7 p.m., and 10 p.m. On weekend days, it will air in the station breaks nearest to 8 a.m.9:20 a.m.11:20 a.m.5 p.m.6 p.m.8 p.m., and 10 p.m. (Please note that due to special programming or breaking news, times may vary.)

How long can my message be?  We ask that you keep your message to 15 words or less. We will edit if necessary. We will let you know if the wording of your message has been changed.

Are there any limits on what my message can be about? The purpose of the dedication is to acknowledge special events or people. Generally, we announce celebrations of birthdays and anniversaries or commemorate the memory of someone. An individual may recognize a non-profit organization, but the message may not be promotional in nature. A Day of Dedication cannot be used for business advertising or the expression of ideological, theological or political opinions. We will not accept pet names, business names, personal opinions or promotion of personal causes. WFIU reserves the right to evaluate all messages and to reject those that are deemed incompatible with our broadcast mission.

How much advance notice do you require to get my message on the air? We prefer a minimum 1-week advance notice to allow time for your message to be approved and scheduled. Day of Dedications are offered as space allows and on a first-come, first-served basis.

What if the date I choose is not available?No more than two dedications can be scheduled on a given day. If you have a specific date in mind we strongly recommend contacting us as soon as possible to ensure that we can reserve your date. Please email or call our Membership Department at 812-855-6114.

How can I be sure my name will be pronounced correctly? To assist our on-air announcers, please provide phonetic spelling for any words in your dedication which are commonly mispronounced. (Example: Phonetic = foh-NEH-tihk)

Does a Day of Dedication have a fair market value? (will requesting a Day of Dedication as my thank-you gift affect the tax deductibility of my contribution?) No. Day of Dedications do not have a fair market value and therefore do not affect tax deductibility of your contribution.

I have another question not covered in your FAQ. Please contact WFIU’s Membership Department at 812-855-6114 or

WFIU Announcers Yael Ksander and David Brent Johnson during a pledge break.

You may use your Day of Dedication benefit up to one year after the date of your contribution. Please indicate a second choice date in the case that your first choice date is not available. We can only schedule two dedications per day.


Jackie Howard

Member Services Coordinator

Call 812-855-6114