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The payroll deduction plan for IU employees is a convenient and easy way to support the public media programs you love throughout the year.

It's easier on your budget by stretching payments out over a period of months and write fewer checks. If your deduction is ongoing, you're considered a Sustaining member of WFIU or WTIU and will also receive fewer solicitations in the mail.

You can begin or switch your current membership to payroll deduction via one of these methods: 

1. Sign up online and the Membership department will mail you the necessary form to begin your IU Payroll Deduction.

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2. Download and print the PDF here. Fill it out, sign, and return it to the Membership department:

WFIU/WTIU Membership Department
1229 E 7th St, Room 190
Bloomington, IN 47405-5501

3. Fill out your information online through the IU Foundation using the following information:

To support WFIU radio, use:
Gift Code:  I320003967
Donation Account: WFIU Fund

To support WTIU television, use:
Gift Code: I320003966
Donation Account: WTIU Fund

*Please note that the amount you enter should be what you would like to contribute per payroll period, NOT the total for the year.


For help with any of the above, please call the Membership department at 812-855-6114 or 800-662-3311.