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Amy O'Shaughnessy

Director, Development

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WTIU does so much for children! It is a major part of our mission. After all, PBS is considered America’s largest classrooms for kids and WTIU airs 6 hours of programming for children each day.

Currently WTIU’s Literacy Labs provide free, educational resources to parents and teachers of high-risk children. We teach adults how to use “screen time” as an educational tool, and how to further their family’s educational efforts by turning the television off and reading together, or participating in other learning activities. With these labs, we reach hundreds of additional families each year.

In the spring of 2013 a generous donor came forward with a gift to help the station establish a long awaited endowment fund to support children’s programming and outreach at WTIU!

The endowment will spin off 5% of its earned interest each year for spending on programs and activities for kids. Anyone can make additional contributions. This will increase the fund so that the annual income will be a meaningful support to WTIU’s work with children.

The WTIU Children’s Programming Endowment is a multiple-donor fund, so anyone can make a gift. We encourage you to do so.

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Or, make a check payable to the IU Foundation/WTIU Children’s Fund. Put the fund account number #P370008061 in the memo field of your check and send it to the lock box at:

IU Foundation
Office of Gift Planning Services
PO Box 500
Bloomington, IN 47402


  • WTIU airs 40 hours a week of PBS children’s programming on it’s main channel.
  • Now available! WTIU-5 provides children’s programming 24 hours a day.
  • The Friday Zone has won 6 Emmy Awards and has been nominated for 26 Emmy Awards. It is produced by WTIU and broadcast by 8 Indiana public television stations.
  • 90% of viewers agree PBS is a safe place online and on TV for children’s media viewing.
  • WTIU’s Literacy Labs provide free, educational resources to parents and teachers for  children.

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