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We first met Ethan Brown, a third grader in Franklin Community Schools, in May. His mom, Jamie Abbett (right), broke the news to him in March that he didn't pass the IREAD-3 on his first attempt, raising the possibility he might be held back. We followed up with Ethan and Jamie in our hour-long radio special.

To the many of you who have checked out the posts and resources in this space, many of the themes of Progress Report will sound familiar. To those who haven’t, here’s why we put together this hour of radio:

Most of the headlines you read about education in Indiana are about schools outside the traditional public school districts — charter schools, private schools accepting vouchers, and schools under new management after state takeover. Their impact cannot be ignored, and we discuss them at length in Progress Report. But these schools enroll less than 5 percent of the state’s students.

To the many of you who don’t live in charter school hotbeds, urban areas, or a community where a voucher school is geographically accessible, these headlines can therefore seem somewhat distant. Yet you sense that things have changed in your own school.

We put together Progress Report to tell you that you’re right — something has changed. We want to try to explain how and why it has changed.

If you’d like to download and listen to a copy of Progress Report, click on the widget below. Leave your comments or questions about the show. We’d be happy to discuss them with you.

Here’s a reference guide to some posts that touch on ideas we featured in the hour-long broadcast:


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