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When It Comes To Free Textbooks, Indiana Is The Exception

At the beginning of each school year, families in Indiana’s public schools are hit with bills that include activity fees, class fees and the largest line item- textbook fees. Textbook rental fees cost parents on average about $100 per child. Frustrating to most parents is the knowledge that Indiana is one of only eight states that charge for […]

Purdue Will Reduce Lobbying Force In Washington, D.C.

Former Gov. Mitch Daniels continues to trim Purdue University’s budget after announcing a tuition freeze earlier this month. Now school officials say Purdue will change its lobbying strategy in Washington, D.C.

Purdue Planning Two-Year Tuition Freeze

Purdue University President Mitch Daniels announced a two-year tuition freeze Friday, reports Eric Weddle for the Lafayette Journal & Courier: The gist of the news is this: Current base tuition for Indiana and non-Indiana resident students will remain at current levels until the end of the 2014-15 school year on the West Lafayette campus. This will […]

Yet Another Troubling Tidbit About Student Loan Debt

More borrowers are falling behind on their student loan payments than on their credit card payments for the first time since at least 2003, a report released this week from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York shows. Catherine Rampell has the story at Economix: Total consumer debt fell again in the third quarter… This figure has […]

Why Education Is The Key To 'The American Dream'

On the Economix blog, economists Michael Greenstone and Adam Looney paint a depressing picture about our paychecks: Adjusted for inflation, wages for American men are essentially the same as they were in 1970, a phenomenon known as “wage stagnation.” Wages for women have risen since the ’70s, but there are early signs that even their wages […]

IU Will Freeze Tuition For Students On Track To Graduate After Two Years

Indiana University president Michael McRobbie announced a graduation incentive Tuesday that would shield students who are on track to graduate from any tuition hikes in the future. Starting next year, IU “will effectively freeze tuition for students after their sophomore year if they are on track to graduate in four years,” a statement from the […]

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