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Ladies' Literary Club, Grand Rapids, Michigan

For this episode poetic, we will start with a couple lines from a pretty decent poet: Bob Dylan.

“He not busy being born is busy dying”

A few fatalists among us might contend this process commences as soon as our clocks start ticking and there is probably truth in that. But I believe certain resources and practices can provide scenic detours along our journey towards the inevitable.

Like travel for instance, or friendships, and poetry – where the currency it’s not really words but fewer words.

And it’s not simply how those words sound when they’re gathered together. It’s also the space that’s being created between them. Fewer words, more space, all of which results in more white on the page then for other forms of written expression. I’d write less if I had more time.

This may all seem antithetical to the current popular philosophy of stuffing as much information and experience as you can into the time available. These days, it takes real courage to trust that we can create genuine purpose and meaning by using less of anything.

Seems astounding that fewer words written, spoken, and heard could result in more genuine feeling being shared. That less busy might somehow lead to more being accomplished. The mystery of lower quantity being translated to greater quality. Loaves and fishes stuff.

Wow, do you think that might also work for personal possessions, or social interactions, or even cold hard facts?

Choosing less, comfortable that there will always be plenty there to choose from.

Creating blank space for others to fill with their own contributions, including leaving it blank.

So, not another word. Write me a poem instead. No, it doesn’t have to rhyme, 'cause it always does anyway.

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