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Noon Edition

Meeting Rural Indiana's Health Care Needs

This week on Noon Edition, we discussed rural health care in Indiana. Joining us in-studio were Medical Director of the Richard G. Lugar Center for Rural Health Jim Turner, Union-Clinton Hospital Assistant Administrator Doug Fauber, and medical students Julia Freeze and John Wheat.

You can listen to the entire program by clicking the play button above. Some highlights:

  • Discussing the need to make the field of primary care more competitive through a debt forgiveness program for med students who opt to go into primary care instead of specialty care.
  • Addressing a need for a specific path for channeling students interested in practicing in rural areas.
  • A conversation on what makes practicing in rural areas unique.
  • Statistics on the growing need for doctors in rural areas.
  • A program that works on recruiting rural doctors in junior high schools.
  • Advances in medicine and technology that can bring medical care to more patients.

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