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High School Graduates Discuss Preparing For Life Post-Grad

Area high school students Lizzy

Every year on WFIU’s Noon Edition, we talk with high school seniors about their futures as they prepare to graduate.

This week, we sat down with an exciting group of 2017 graduates from area high schools. We talked about their time growing up in Indiana, their plans for the future and some of the challenges that lie ahead.

On this week’s show our guests discussed common misconceptions about millennials, how social media has shaped the beliefs of their generation, and what high school experiences shaped them into who they are today.

All of the seniors have plans to pursue higher education at universities and are hopeful that their experiences will help them grow into better versions of themselves, just as they grew into who they are now throughout high school.

Stream the audio of today’s Noon Edition above to hear our panel’s full discussion on topics concerning the newest American generation to transform into adulthood.


Richard Larimer: Harmony

Simon Brooks: Harmony

Elizabeth Jenson: Brown County High School

Shelby Newland: Bloomington High School South

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