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September 24, 2012


To Market To Market

Long before the term "locavore" was coined, buying fresh foods directly from farmers was standard operating procedure in the Hoosier State.

April 18, 2011


Putting South Bend On The Opera Stage

A pioneering opera company earned South Bend, Indiana a place in the annals of both opera and African American cultural history.

September 20, 2010


A Tree Grew in Corydon

Legend has it that Indiana’s constitution was debated and ultimately drafted underneath a massive elm, whose trunk was five feet in diameter.

February 8, 2010


A Portrait of Black Life in a Young State

Records from a small black agricultural community that once flourished in St. Joseph County contradict the image of life under state-sanctioned segregation.

February 26, 2007



The Studebaker Manufacturing Company may be considered the godfather of Indiana auto makers, a cadre that once included such names as Stutz, Cord, and Duesenberg. The company was started by a family of Pennsylvania Germans, who set up a blacksmithing shop at the corner of Michigan and Jefferson Streets in downtown South Bend in 1852. Soon, the company was producing the horse-drawn carriages that delivered a nation of pioneers to their new life out West.

May 15, 2006


Knute Rockne

"Win one for the Gipper" football coach Knute Rockne changed the face football and put South Bend, Indiana on the map.

January 10, 2005


James Oliver and the Chilled Plow

Since its earliest days, Indiana has been an agricultural state. And it was a South Bend resident, James Oliver, who was responsible for simplifying farmers’ lives by revolutionizing plow design.

January 3, 2005


Automobile Industry

When you think of the early automobile, you likely picture Henry Ford, the Model T, and Detroit, but did you know that Indiana also played a prominent role in the early automobile industry?

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