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Journey Indiana

Episode 626

June 25, 2024

Coming to you from the Wabash and Erie Canal Park in Carroll County....get pumped with America’s strongest woman; discover a vintage printing process; and meet some barnyard buddies.


Stories from this Episode

Pressing Matters

Dive into the captivating world of Alexander Landerman, a modern-day Renaissance artisan whose talents span traditional print press, letterpress, and painting. Through his skillful hands and inventive spirit, Alexander Landerman bridges the gap between art and mechanics, showcasing a unique blend of artistic prowess and practical ingenuity.

Produced by Saddam Abbas

From Neglect to Nurture: Oinking Acres Farm Rescue and Sanctuary

Oinking Acres Rescue Farm and Sanctuary's mission is to rescue, care for and re-home neglected, abused, and unwanted pot-bellied pigs and other farm animals within Indiana. Since its creation in 2017, Oinking Acres has rescued over 500 pot-bellied pigs.

Producer John Timm