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Journey Indiana

Episode 625

June 13, 2024

Coming to you from the Wabash and Erie Canal Park in Carroll to Bloomington to discover a musical legacy; visit the home of one of America’s first aviators; and find some peace - in an unexcepted place.


Stories from this Episode

Celebrating a Musical Master

This pays tribute to legendary concert cellist and IU School of Music professor Janos Starker, a Hungarian-born, Jewish musician who grew up near Budapest, survived a Nazi labor camp (a camp in which he lost his two brothers), and then emigrated to the U.S. He toured the world and came to teach at Indiana University, as IU began to cultivate its School of Music program. Over the years, hundreds of the world's top, young cellists received their education through Starker.

The piece features a recording of a Starker 75th birthday celebration from 1999 in which hundreds of top cellists all performed on one stage at the Musical Arts Center in Bloomington to celebrate their revered teacher. Interviews include Starker student and current IU Jacobs School of Music Cello Professor Emilio Colón, along with several archival clips from old documentaries and performances by Starker himself.

Wabash and Erie park

Learn about the history of canals at the Wabash & Erie Canal Park in Delphi, Indiana.

A Gem in the Country: The Wilbur Wright Birthplace Museum

Travel to Hagerstown to go inside the birthplace of Wilbur Wright - Indiana's own aviation pioneer.

Idle Time

Explore the man and the mission behind “The Idle: A Point of View,” a tiny, new Indianapolis-area green space located right smack dab in the middle of two U.S. interstate highways, I-65 and I-70. We examine the great efforts one man, a former rock-n-roll concert tour promoter, exerted over nearly seven years in order to turn his dream into a reality. For more information about the development and fundraising to support The Idle Park, check out