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Journey Indiana

Episode 624

May 30, 2024

From Turkey Run State Park: Take a peek at the DNR's K9 unit training, visit Hunter's Honey Farm, and take a trip to the Indiana Dunes for the Indiana Dunes Birding Festival.

Stories from this Episode

Turkey Run State Park

Indiana's second state park, Turkey Run has been captivating visitors since 1916. And it's easy to see why. With miles of unique hiking trails winding through lush forests and iconic ravines, along with access to lovely Sugar Creek, this destination is a must-visit for Hoosiers seeking to immerse themselves in the great outdoors.

Passing The Smell Test

The K9 officers that assist the Indiana Department of Natural Resources are Invaluable law enforcement tool. These dogs' keen sense of smell help field officers quickly identify poachers and track missing people sometimes over vast distances .

Bee-yond Honey

A look into the unique creations and the bees at Hunters Honey Farm.

Bird Search: The Indiana Dunes Birding Festival

Each Spring, birders from around the Midwest gather at the Indiana Dunes to witness the migration of more than two-hundred species of birds.