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Journey Indiana

Episode 616

February 7, 2024

From the WTIU studios; met the Sisters of Saint Benedict, tour the Ray Bradbury Center, explore Who North America, and savor Abbott's Candies.

Stories from this Episode

The Sisters of Ferdinand: Meet the Nuns at Indiana's Monastery of the Immaculate Conception

The Sisters of St. Benedict have been calling Ferdinand, Indiana home since 1867. Here, more than one hundred Catholic nuns live in the massive Monastery of the Immaculate Conception, known locally as the 'castle on the hill'.

A Fantastic Fate: How the Ray Bradbury Center Ended Up In Indiana

The Ray Bradbury Center in Indianapolis is a wonderland for fans of the famed futurists' work. And the route it took to get here is as fantastic as one of the legendary author's stories.

A Doctor Whoosier Experience: A Visit to Who North America

Camby, Indiana is the home of Who North America, the largest Doctor Who retailer and museum in the United States.

Journey Indiana - Sweet History: Abbott's Candies is the Oldest Candy Company in Indiana

Started all the way back in 1890, the Abbott's Candy shop is still making sweet treats, just like their founder, WC Abbott.