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Journey Indiana

Episode 615

January 24, 2024

From the Palladium in Carmel: explore the aerosolized art of Chromatic Collective, go around Carmel's roundabouts, and discover the Festival of Ice in Hamilton County.

Stories from this Episode

A Chromatic Collaboration

The story of two artists painting Broad Ripple into a new chromatic age, where the full spectrum of community and creativity shines. Produced by John Timm. Want to learn more? Go to:

Around and Around We Go

The city of Carmel, Indiana, has the most roundabouts of any North American city by far. Find out why. Produced by Nick Deel. Videography by Saddam Abbas and Nick Deel.

Cool Carvings

The top ice carvers from around the Midwest brought their tools and talents to Carmel, Indiana in January 2023 for the Festival of Ice, a weekend of ice carving competitions and demonstrations. Produced by Saddam Abbas.