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Journey Indiana

Episode 614

December 20, 2023

From the Muscatatuck Urban Training Center: look to the skies in Porter County, explore a Fritter Frenzy in Ripley County, discover the home and life of the Hoosier writer Gene Stratton-Porter, and savor the experience at Starlight Distillery in Clark County.

Stories from this Episode

Bird Search: The Indiana Dunes Birding Festival

Each Spring, birders from around the Midwest gather at the Indiana Dunes to witness the migration of more than two-hundred species of birds. Produced by Nick Deel, Videography by John Timm & Saddam Abbas.

Fritter Frenzy: Schmidt Bakery's Cherry Thing-A-Lings

Travel to Batesville to learn why Schmidt Bakery's Cherry Thing-A-Lings are a hit with locals and fritter fans around the country.Produced by Jason Pear. Want to learn more about Schmidt Bakery and their icon pastry? Go to:

Gene Stratton Porter at Wildflower Woods

Scenic views of one of two Gene Stratton-Porter Historic Sites - this one on Sylvan Lake in Rome City, Indiana (one of two state historic sites for Stratton-Porter. The other is in Geneva, Indiana. Produced by Todd Gould, videography by Saddam Abbas. Want to learn more? Go to:

Farm to Bottle: Starlight Distillery

Starlight Distillery is the Brainchild of the Huber family. The Huber’s have been farming in Clark County since the middle of the 19th Century. Over time the family has expanded the farm to include a vineyard, winery, restaurant, performance venue, retail shop and most recently an artisanal distillery. They and other would-be distillers spent decades lobbying Indiana lawmakers to give patrons the opportunity to come to the farm and taste their spirits, like they had been doing with the winery for years. In 2013 they helped change state laws and have led the charge for artisanal distilling in indiana. Today there are dozens of small distilleries in the state with awards and trophies hanging from their walls, and Starlight is no exception. Produced by Tyler Lake Want to learn more? Go to: