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Journey Indiana

Episode 605

September 6, 2023

From the Mesker Park Zoo & Botanic Gardens: experience an Indiana fall treat at the Mitchell Persimmon Festival, explore the automotive legacy of the Stutz Motor Company in Indianapolis, and learn how Kopelov Cut Stone is turning limestone into art in Bedford.

Stories from this Episode

Persimmon Perfection: The Mitchell Persimmon Festival and Pudding Contest

Stop in at the Mitchell Persimmon Festival and see their annual parade and persimmon pudding contest.  Produced by Nick Deel, videography by John Timm & Saddam Abbas.

The Splendid Stutz: The Rise and Fall of The Stutz Motor Company

A look back at the creator, origins, heyday and death of the Stutz motor car and its most famous model, the Bearcat. Produced by Tyler Lake, videography by Jake Lindsay and Saddam Abbas.

Carved to Last: Kopelov Cut Stone

Kopelov Cut Stone is a family business of stone cutters and carvers inspired by old world architecture, based in Bedford, Indiana. Primarily. specializing in high quality stone cutting and decorative carving. Produced by Saddam Abbas.