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Journey Indiana

Episode 601

June 29, 2023

From the Brown County Pioneer Village Museum, learn how Hoosiers are preserving history with the Indiana Album, experience the thrill of drone racing in Indianapolis, meet Modoc and her amazing legacy.

Stories from this Episode

Scanning Stories: Indiana Album's Quest to Preserve Hoosier History

Travel to Steuben County, where a community is preserving their hoosier heritage with the aid of the Indiana Album. Produced by Jason Pear. Want to learn more? Go to:

Small But Mighty: Drone Racing in Indiana

Experience racing in the Hoosier state...from a different point of view. Produced By Tyler Lake.

Break Free: Modoc's Market

Travel to Modoc's Market in Wabash to learn all about its namesake - a 1,900 pound Indian elephant. Produced by John Timm.