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Journey Indiana

Episode 526

June 15, 2023

From the Whitewater Canal State Historic Site: Checkout Indiana's only lighthouse, go around Carmel's roundabouts, and marvel at Berne's Swiss clock tower.

Stories from this Episode

A Light at the End of the Lake

Michigan City is home to the only lighthouse in Indiana. The Lighthouse Museum preserves the history of the building along with a look at how the lighthouse keepers lived and worked in the lighthouse. Produced by John Timm.

Journey Indiana - Around and Around We Go: Carmel, the Roundabout Capitol

The city of Carmel, Indiana, has the most roundabouts of any North American city by far. Find out why. Produced by Nick Deel. Videography by Saddam Abbas and Nick Deel

Journey Indiana - Time to Berne

The town of Berne wanted to celebrate their heritage, so they decided to build a clock tower as a tribute to their sister city: Bern, Switzerland.