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Journey Indiana

Episode 525

May 31, 2023

From the Indiana Statehouse in Indianapolis: Explore the Indiana Dunes Birding Festival, discover Indiana artist Felrath Hines, and learn how Wabash became the first electric-lighted city in the world.

Stories from this Episode

Bird Search: The Indiana Dunes Birding Festival

Each Spring, birders from around the Midwest gather at the Indiana Dunes to witness the migration of more than two-hundred species of birds. Produced by Nick Deel, Videography by Saddam Abbas and John Timm.

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The Pursuit of Abstraction: The Life and Work of Felrath Hines

Indianapolis native Felrath Hines may have had a highly successful career in art conservation at some of the most respected galleries in the United States, but it is his extensive body of startlingly original work that will be his lasting legacy. Born in Indianapolis in 1913 Hines spent a lifetime perfecting his use of color, shape and balance to create stunning paintings that attest to his focus, clarity and eye for detail. Hines work grew and matured his entire life and unusual among artists the last decade of his life saw him creating his best work at a breakneck pace. A man of staunch principals, his refusal to have his paintings be judged by the color of his skin may have limited the reach of work during his lifetime. However with a body of exceptional paintings largely unknown outside of elite art circles the life and work of Felrath Hines is ripe for rediscovery. Produced by Tyler Lake. Videography by Saddam Abbas and Tyler Lake.

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Wabash Lights

Travel to Wabash, Indiana to learn how it became the first electrified city in the world.