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Journey Indiana

Episode 519

March 15, 2023

From Dreiser Hall on Indiana State University's Campus: learn about Indiana's whooping cranes, hear the Nova, a synthesizer-guitar mashup, visit Historic Markstown, and tour the Carmel Festival of Ice.

Stories from this Episode

Whoop There It Is: Indiana's Whooping Cranes

Indiana's Goose Pond Fish and Wildlife Area is home to a surprising migratory bird: the whooping crane. This endangered species has come to depend on the wetland for a winter habitat, but keeping them safe takes a lot of effort. Produced by Nick Deel|Videography by Nick Deel and John Timm

No Strings Attached: The Nova Digital Guitar

The Nova is a new type of guitar that melds the unlimited capability of a modern synthesizer with the form factor of a traditional guitar. With buttons on the neck where finger positions would be on a standard guitar, and an expressive touch pad that allows the player to bend and warp the sound in novel ways, the Nova allows for an experience that cannot be had with a normal guitar or a regular synthesizer. After years of development, creator and Bloomington resident Stephen Moseson says the Nova by Mosi Audio will offer a brand new experience for guitar and synthesizer players alike. With the ability to play almost any sound or effect, as well as integration into live shows with visual and lights, the Nova is a futuristic instrument that can enhance almost any performance. For more information visit Produced by Tyler Lake|Videography by John Timm

Making a Mark: Marktown Historic District

Visit a town in Northwest Indiana once featured in Ripley's Believe or Not! Produced by Jason Pear

Cool Carvings: The Carmel Festival of Ice

The top ice carvers from around the Midwest brought their tools and talents to Carmel, Indiana in January 2023 for the Festival of Ice, a weekend of ice carving competitions and demonstrations. Produced by Saddam Abbas