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Journey Indiana

Episode 518

February 22, 2023

From the Indiana Military Museum: Tour the collection of underwater-themed comic books in Monroe County, Listen to the life story of Januarie York and her poetry, and soar through the skies to experience Indiana "From Above."

Stories from this Episode

Wading Into the Deep End

Malcolm Mobotu Smith has been collecting a very particular set of comics for over two decades: Golden Age comics featuring underwater scenes. And now this peculiar collection is on display at Indiana University. Want to learn more? Visit the URL below:

Produced by Nick Deel.

Januarie York: Poetry Is My Walk-in Closet

Profile of Januarie York, a poet from Indianapolis, Indiana. Januarie is the Poet Laureate of the Center for Black Literature and Culture with the Indianapolis Public Library system. She conducts poetry workshops and lectures on poetry and the arts throughout the state. In this piece, Januarie speaks to her life experiences and how she uses her poetry as a refuge for healing and peace. She also recites some of her works. Want to learn more about Januarie York and her poetry? Visit the URL below:

Produced by Todd Gould.

From Above: Stone Country

Experience Indiana's limestone industry - past, present and future - from the air in this preview of Journey Indiana: From Above. Want to learn more about Journey Indiana: From Above? Visit the URL Below:

Produced by Jason Pear.