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Journey Indiana

Episode 517

February 8, 2023

From the Putnam County Museum: check out the Indy Area Cat Club Cat Show, learn how a hidden T.C. Steele painting was uncovered, and take a tour of the Jackbox Games studios.

Stories from this Episode

The Indy Cat Show

The Indy Cat Club of Indianapolis Indiana has been putting on cat shows for 50 years. Lets take a peak at their 50th anniversary cat show. Wanna learn more about the Indianapolis Cat Show? Go to the link:

Produced by Jake Lindsay.

The Hidden Steele

Discover the story behind a "hidden" T.C. Steele painting.

Produced by Todd Gould. 

Thinking Outside the Box with Jackbox Games

For almost a decade, Jackbox Games has been dominating your house parties with games like Quiplash, Fibbage and Trivia Murder Party. But pumping out five party games a year is no small task - how does one of these games get made? In this guest segment from Flyover Culture, host Payton Whaley takes a trip to the developer's Chicago studio to find out. Watch more episodes at Flyover Culture's YouTube page:

Produced by Payton Whaley. Videography by Saddam Al-Zubaidi.